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Public Speaking, Pitching and Presentations

Standing up in public and presenting, as well as pitching for funds are part of charity life.  However not everyone feels they are natural born presenters.  Nevertheless there are ways to structure presentations and pitches to ensure you cover all the pertinent information in an entertaining and engaging way that will result in your message being delivered effectively and you achieving the result you wanted.  In some cases the prospect of speaking in public can cause people great anxiety.  I can help people:

  • create engaging presentations, pitches and speeches
  • ensure the most appropriate information and messages are included
  • create sequence and flow that makes sense to the audience
  • approach public engagement calmly and confidently
  • secure funds and gifts in kind from pitches to potential sources of support


Patrons, Personalities, Celebrities, and VIPs

Having high profile patrons and celebrity support for your charity can help raise awareness of your cause and the profile of your charity.  Knowing how to approach major donors can drive funds to your organisation and open doors that might otherwise have remained closed.  Securing such support can be daunting and is often hampered by people who are paid to 'gatekeep' and limit access.  Accessing such support is of course only half the battle.  Keeping such support and knowing exactly how to look after high-profile and well connected people is in many ways even more important.  I can help you:

  • decide who to approach and why
  • identify the best method of approach
  • guide you during any approach
  • understand how best to nurture any relationship to ensure it will be a long and happy one


I don't charge for any initial discussions and assessments.  I might not be the best person to help you.  If I'm not I will signpost you to someone or an organisation that has more appropriate skills and experience.  If I can help you, we will discuss your charities income and expendable resources and agree between us the amount of work required at a cost you can afford.  If a charity's primary issue is income then I have no desire to make that worse by charging fees that will further hurt the charity's capacity to survive.  On the other hand, like most people I operate to make a living, and therefore in most cases I have to charge something for my time and skills.  The take-home message is if you think your organisation might benefit from my help, get in touch and we will sort the rest out as we go.